At Kapari Lodge & Spa there is something for everyone, relaxation or adventure, hiking or photography, we have what you need to make your visit unforgettable. We have multiple programs of activities to explore, enjoy and rest in the best lodge in the Andean Chocó forest.

Ecological trails for day and night walks, hideouts for professional nature photography, excursions focused on bird watching, exclusive treatments in our spa, adventure walks, observation of flora and fauna, butterflies, exotic flowers, streams and water springs, at Kapari Lodge & Spa you have it all.

We also have options for specialized tours and tours in Galapagos and other fascinating tourist locations in Ecuador.


Escape, relax and recharge at Kapari Lodge & Spa, as long as you like. You can enjoy a full day in our facilities or make the most of your visit with accommodation of two, three or more nights in our lodge. During your stay you´ll have the opportunity to discover nature like never before; fresh air, forest walks, flora and fauna will be part of this magnificent experience.

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We are a different place for your corporate events and work or family meetings, we´ll be happy to design several options that suit your needs, we have fantastic scenarios and modern facilities to make your event as perfect as you imagine.
Kapari Lodge & Spa offers you a truly exclusive and unique experience in the middle of nature, an adventure within several trails, tropical forest, river, amazing wildlife and beautiful landscapes, with spa, swimming pool, jacuzzi, event hall, games room and much more!
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The Andean Chocó is one of the most biodiverse forests in the world, especially known for the more than 700 species of birds that inhabit this magical place, make the most of your visit and get to know them. With our expert guides you´ll learn to identify birds auditorily and locate them among the dense ecosystem. In addition, you´ll visit various nature reserves between the northwest, the east side of Ecuador and part of its Amazon rainforest, to marvel at the sighting of countless birds, many of them endemic.

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Get ready for an amazing action-packed journey. For those who wish to live an adventure in nature with a little more adrenaline, we offer tours -with specialized certified guides and first class equipment- that are provided within the Ecuadorian Andean Chocó area. We´ve worked with fabulous combinations of rafting, mountain biking and hiking, to accelerate the pulse of our guests looking for other types of experiences. Venture to be part of one or all of these challenging experiences full of excitement within this unique tropical forest.

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Make the most of the beauty and goodness of the forest and improve your photographic skills. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, our guides will give you the best tips to get amazing nature photographs. We have terraces, viewpoints, feeders, trails and photographic hideouts to capture extraordinary images.

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The primeval forest of the Andean Chocó and its mega biological diversity, is just a sample of all the wonders that you can see and know when visiting Ecuador. Here you can explore historic and colonial cities that are world heritage sites, famous indigenous markets, mountains, rivers, valleys, jungle, sea and of course the “Enchanted Islands” of the Galapagos archipelago, always surrounded by friendly people, unforgettable experiences and delicious food. A Galapagos cruise, an Amazon safari, nature expeditions and many more adventures await you in Ecuador. Write to us and start planning a trip tailored to you.

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