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A biodiverse paradise in the middle of two hemispheres

Discover the astonishing beauty of the Andean Chocó, a magical place nestled in a tropical forest in the middle of the Andes, where clouds caress the mountains and clear water rivers emerge in a jungle landscape of lush wildlife. Let the sounds of nature surround you in Kapari – a lodge at Latitude 0 – where the equinoctial line that marks the center of the planet divides our spaces of nature and comfort. Located 30 minutes from Mindo and very close to Los Bancos.

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The northern hemisphere of Kapari is for relaxing; breath the calm of the forest around you while enjoying the pool or jacuzzi. Delight yourself with the flavors of the best of local cuisine or let yourself be pampered in our spa. Whether walking in nature, practicing yoga or having a cocktail at the bar, in the area North of the Equator you’ll find a space for having fun or resting.


The southern hemisphere is for adventure! You’ll be able to tour a natural wonder full of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes that’ll take your breath away in the more than 50 hectares of forest that surround Kapari Lodge, a place to disconnect from the modern world and relax in nature. Here you’ll travel trails of medium intensity and delight in knowing the imposing Rio Blanco.


Community and preservation

Kapari Lodge & Spa is a local business that has found in ecotourism a useful tool to help the development of the surrounding communities and their inhabitants, with the creation of new jobs, training and skills development in the field of tourism, customer service and conservation; as well as motivating environmentally friendly initiatives, such as reforestation projects and for the recovery of native fauna and flora.

Our commitment is to work for the preservation of the more than 500 hectares of forest of the Andean Chocó, through various ecological programs that ensure the protection of the ecosystems and biodiversity of this natural wonder, for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

Partnerships and Recognitions

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