Tours & Activities at Kapari Lodge: from the top and after 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) of walk you will discover an amazing landscape of mountain, valley and river. We offer several day and night ecological walking trails, birdwatching, butterflies, exotic flowers, creeks and water springs.


In this program, you will have the opportunity to discover true nature. The fresh air, walks, flora and fauna will be a part of the unforgettable Kapari Natural Lodge & Spa experience.

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Take advantage of being in one of the most diverse forest were you can observe over 300 species of birds that live in this magical place. A long side of our expert guide you will learn how to identify birds just by listening their singing and locate them in the dense forest. Also, in our bird’s garden you will be able to observe 16 species of hummingbirds.

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Are you interested in this enigmatic beings? An amazing variety of amphibians and reptiles can be seeing in the Chocó biosphere reserve. More than 200 species inhabit in rocks, cliffs and crags. What are you waiting to discover them?

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We take advantage of the benefits that the forest offers to improve your photography skills. If you are a beginner or an expert, our experts will guide you throw the best tips to take the best nature photograph; we also have an incredible hiding place for you to capture the most incredible and unique pictures.

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Did you know that 90 % of the people in the world feel stressed? Kapari Natural Lodge & Spa gives the opportunity to escape from the noisy cities and submerge into nature and its energy; for that reason we invite you to be part of our yoga and guided meditation sessions.

Our wellness program offers benefits like: health improve, focus, creativity increase, anxiety relive, fatigue and insomnia reduction. You can experiment all this changes while enjoying nature and relaxing in our fantastic spa.

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We are a different place where you can organize business meetings and corporate events, we have at your disposal several options and programs that will fit your needs to be certain that your event becomes a huge success.

Here you will find an ideal mixture of adventure in the cloud forest, the comfort of our conference rooms and the resting areas; at the end you will life and unforgettable event. Get in touch with us!

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